T H E - S I L E N T I U M - I S S U E

Slip into a Zen meditation mode and compose yourself with DERZEIT’s Silentium issue – silence is the best condition to enjoy a newspaper. Tune out the sound – and let the snow-covered landscape on the cover help you to switch off the buzzing noise of the city. The horses, by the way, were the true professionals and had an inner calm: not even the model’s eerie styling made them scatter. For further advice on how to shield yourself from the world, soak in the “seclu- sion strategies” of Sharon Welzel, listen to the silent voice, Jacqueline Huste and take a moment to contemplate the latest runway trends. Or tune in after all: Ben Brunnemer, NY’s fashion week DJ dilates on the sound of fashion.

D O W N L O A D I S S U E 3

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