T H E -H Y P N O T I C A - I S S U E

Frills, ruffles, sequins. Dip-dyed silk, mohair knit and cashmere meshes. Did this season’s outfits lure you, lull you, lead you on to a different state of mind? Yet? Get yourself together for Fashion Week Berlin’s last day. As for DERZEIT’s office team, the moment you read this: we will already be done. But trust us we feel hypnotized – or let’s say pixelated. We’ve had the stars shine onto our laptops and seen the sun rise every morning. But nevertheless – HYPNOTICA – here it comes: Madlene’s eyes vs. Michael Mann’s lense, inside Mr. Bessing’s head, taking a trip into the world of “Tron” and: Lala Berlin’s Leyla Piedayesh talks... See you tonight! And: We’ll be back in July... your DERZEIT team.

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