T H E - C O G I T O - I S S U E

Cogito ergo sum – I think therefore I am. But what am I thinking? – sitting in a white cube, staring at the wall? Am I to think about existence itself? To reflect about the act of thinking? Luckily, the all-encompassing room called earth, in whose surface we move every day, is an overwhelming kaleidoscope of sensual impressions feeding our mind with thoughts. However, it still has to be evaluated what goes really deep and what only superficially pretends to open a new dimension to us. For the COGITO issue, our essayist Marcus Woeller investigated optical illusions and photographer Lena Emery interlaces two dimensions in one fashion shoot; “Word is”-columnist Alexandra Kruse tried to enter Ugo Rondinone’s headspace and on top, there are impressions from the two-dimensional surface called catwalk. Don’t sleep, there’s three more days and issues to come!


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