T H E - P R O G N O S I S - I S S U E

The tarot will teach you how to create a soul. I have always been drawn to things I found interesting but couldn’t understand. The tarot fascinated me because it was very strange. I studied the tarot card by card. I saw its structure... I saw the suits... But I didn’t understand the tarot. Then I started mixing the cards. I saw I could put them together and realized that the 78 cards could be joined in a mandala, in just one image. You see all the tarot at once and realize that it is a unit. And then you study the different parts. Once you analyze this, you learn to see the tarot. You must not talk about the future. The future is a con. The tarot is a language that talks about the present. If you use it to see the future, you become a conman. You are just a charlatan.
(Alejandro Jodorowsky »The Tarot of Marseilles«)


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