Kruse's Saturday

– by Alexandra Kruse

Helping myself so greedily to the studio pharmacy the other day was probably not such a good idea after all. Especially in combination with vodka and champagne. Not good. After a night of store openings and after-show parties I generously vomited, onto Place Vendome no less. My eyes oscillated between Van Cleef and Cartier jewelry. The engagement rings were definitely too much for me to stomach. Thank God I was holding a monogram - med bag and the business card of the hotel. A merciful cabby delivered me to the lobby and I fell into a 12-hour coma. Luckily no nudie pics have been found in Purple Diary. That’s the good news.

The bad news is: I missed my plane to Berlin. I really wanted to see the Michalsky show, more because of Kaviar Gauche and Lala Berlin. I was promised front row! A dress in nude hues! A hairdo! It was pure blackmail, really. I mean I can dress myself, but blow-drying is not one of my virtues. Not in a 100 years. Never ever. Also I didn’t get an actual invitation (the assistant’s intern sent me a facebook message, that there was no chance of me getting in – I hope the other 1699 guests are having fun, though). But that’s a whole different story. Too many cooks in the kitchen. 

The next flight to Berlin is about 500 Euros.  Money that would be much better spent on a pair of shoes, at Sanctum, the new star in the Berlin sky of shoes, the brainchild of a true shoe fetishist, which are as annoying as any other fetishist for that matter. My first choice would be Nina Ricci or John Galliano. I’m also sad I will miss Miriam Lambert’s yoga class to launch the new label Umasan. Health style wouldn’t do me any harm. Perhaps I should fly to Thailand for a thorough detox instead of everything else. ◊

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