T H E - T E N S I O N - I S S U E


According to Wilhelm Reich, it’s the tension between the outer armor and the inner turmoil that links fashion and fascism – the border on which D E R Z E I T is certainly operating. 

With us is Joachim Bessing, who dives off a boat full of Prada into an ocean of violence; Rachel Blatt, who pokes at the void in Barbara Bloom’s Presence; a firey fetish; semi-analogue explosions at Tempelhof; Nina Trippel’s visit to the knit-swaddled atelier of Boessert/Schorn; catwalk reviews, and other orgastic impotence.

Our bladder’s about to burst. After the final spill, who’s gonna be around to clean up?
– the D E R Z E I T team


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