T H E - S T A T E - I S S U E

As Ted Kaczynski so eloquently figured: state of mind and state of the union are intimately linked. For DERZEIT, the state of media naturally follows.

Michael Ladner consults Luis Venegas, who tracks hot teen boys from nation to nation in Electric Youth; Emily Segal follows the book from digital to physical and back via the travails of aaaaarg.org; Frank Leder maps a new Germany within his atelier. On the Baltic coast, Amos Fricke shot model Anne Sophie before a set of ominous DERZEIT flags. As usual, the catwalks put our reporters in a state. 

Are you miserable? DERZEIT's the cause and the solution! Don't leave your bags (or your mail) unattended. - the D E R Z E I T team 


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