Kruse's Thursday

– by Alexandra Kruse
Staying at home is the new luxury. While everyone else amuses themselves at the Vice Party, stands on line for hours in front of Bar 25 or ruins their high heels at the Boss Orange barbecue, we‘re at home on our green couch smoking joints and telling secrets. I‘ve seen it all these last days: dwarfs in wrestling masks stripping at a second-class sneaker presentation, displaying their dwarfed weenies. That ended up being  just the right event to go to with my host family in Berlin. We slept in the next day anyhow. Unfortunately I didn‘t make it to Michael Sontag–the boy‘s got talent! Also didn‘t make it to Penkov. But, after an exclusive backstage viewing of the dresses, I can definitively say, that this a great look: grown up elves of beauty and mind. If I happen to get married next season, it‘s gotta be in Penkov. Hats off to Bernadette!

What happened next was anything but delightful. I was hustled into a front row seat at Kilian Kerner, who can appropriately be called a young designer. He actually admits he‘s a fan of the Kelly Family. I was luckily seated next to the actor getting the most media attention, and was blinded by the paparazzi flash storm. So I could only partially see the show. Everyone else was hacking at their Blackberrys looking serious. The whole thing made absolutely no sense. The models wore silk stockings with cheap peeptoes! You cannot over-emphasize the importance of a good stylist. And the right shoes. No man is an island. I was so proud of my friend Sarah, who styled the Peek & Cloppenburg show Designer for Tomorrow, that I almost burst. I officially decree that the winner, Sam, will have a golden career. We celebrated his victory on the roof terrace of the Hotel de Rome (don‘t tell anyone, but in addition to the breath-taking view, it has the most pristine woman‘s bathroom in the city). We left immediately after the last drop of champagne had been poured. After a quick change of clothes, and finishing up my work, life will become post-fashion week, as it was pre-fashion week. Paul, you can pick me and my suitcase up at Panorama Bar on Sunday afternoon. Don‘t forget the limo!   ◊

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