Kruse's Saturday

– by Alexandra Kruse
My last memory is of golden tinsel cascading from the ceiling of Bar Tausend. We woke up in cocktail gowns. Sarah was lying next to me and we spiked little cocktail stirrers decorated with sea horses and swans into our hair. After that, we listened to Jennifer Rush and nibbled on little berries. It is a well-known industry fact, that a fashion show that starts before noon is not a fashion show, it‘s a no-go. Anyways, some blogs revealed that Marcel Ostertag received high heel standing ovations. Too bad I had also missed the show of Lena Hoschek, a designer who finally makes fashion for people with just one defined gender. When I finally reached Bebelplatz and I saw HER! Christiane Arp. In person. Hair discreetly balled up in the most elegant petit chignon. This was no surprise, but the tattoo underneath! I couldn’t really make out what it was, because I got distracted by the random contents of the dazzling golden goody-bag by BREE: hair something, volume something, green tea, a mascara which I took for a pen (it was a mascara and a pen), a lint roller (seriously) and a votive candle holder.

I was still trying to decode the inner logic of these items when I bumped into my favorite photographer and his fabulous wife and we strolled to Café Einstein. Einstein serves the most incredible club sandwiches; even Mary Kate Olsen would skip her low-carb diet for a bite (but she’s in Dubai for the gaudy inauguration of The Palm). While some people were watching homeless people strut it for Patrick Mohr’s collection, we browsed shops and galleries around happy Mulackstrasse. At Kiosk we saw hand-picked vintage gowns in rainbow colors by Margiela and Chanel and an endearing little art show named “From Black Q Tip to Sashiko Embroidery - 51 Things to buy at little Nippon. Firma had these genious Gropius bags (for the Bauhaus anniversary) and free Champagne, the first of the day. I hopped over to The Corner to stare at the glistening shoes from The Wizard of OZ Ruby Slipper Collection. As the sky changed to psychedelic hues it was time once again to slip into a cocktail dress.   ◊

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