T H E - D E S I G N - I S S U E

We are very proud to bring you the latest and last issue of DERZEIT, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week newspaper of Berlin. We made the impossible possible and this couldn't have happened without a lot of people in the background. Thank you very much for believing in my dream, for making it to yours too and for working so hard to prove that Berlin is just at the beginning of its rise to a fashion capital!

Manuel Schibli
founder, editor in chief & Art director of DERZEIT

Thank you: Alice Kuhn (art direction & production), Emily Segal & Michael Ladner (managing editors,), Sebastiano Ragusa (fashion director), Sebastian Warschow (organisation, Haberlein & Mauerer), Miranda Siegel, Eva Munz, Matthew Evans, (editorial office), Adriano Sack, Alexandra Kruse, Marco Rechenberg (contributors), Stefan Milev, Nicolas Kantor (photographers), Daniel Aubke (IMG), Tobias Müller (Mercedes-Benz), Georg Roske, Lhaga Koondhor & Grace Hollaender (backstage photographers), Berliner Zeitungsdruck, all our models & background people who helped to make this happen!

The Design Issue featuring Alexander Wiederin, Martin Meier's Lamborghini and a colorful and fresh shoot by Nicolas Kantor, styled as always by our Fashion Director Sebastiano Ragusa. Please enjoy and see you next year!

download the DESIGN ISSUE here

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